The Big-Brained Version of “It was a dark and stormy night”

A couple of hours after Big-Brained Superhero Buddy Sammy posted on Facebook about why The BBSC is important to him, he texted saying he could write more. So, here’s more (and in this case, more is definitely better):

I was in need of some serious help. It was a Wednesday afternoon around 7 pm. It was dark outside and cold and I had to go home soon, but that was the least of my worries. I had a physics project due the next Friday, and I didn’t even attempt to start it yet. Until Thom McDonald came to the rescue. Thom (Big Brain Sidekick), Meredith (Big Brain Sidekick), and Charles (Big-Brained Superhero/Buddy) all came together for me after cleaning up the mess of the children’s creative thinking. We chatted about many things to do research on, and Thom, after giving me many choices, finally gave me one that caught my attention.

Nukes. Who doesn’t want to research nuclear weapons, right? So then after I received the basic information of how nuclear weapons came to the world and what they actually do, I was ready to research more information on them. Time went on, and on Monday, Thom came to me and asked me what I knew so far. After I told him, he not only listened but he added on, which later on helped me even more.

After I got the additional information I was ready to put it all in a PowerPoint. By Wednesday, Thom came to me and looked at my PowerPoint and again gave me more information along with links to do the research on. We then texted back and forth about it while Thom was out to dinner. After I finished editing and before I knew it, I was ready to present to my physics class. Which went well to my surprise. After I thanked Thom for helping me, he said that it was no problem and asked me how it went, which made me see how much he actually cared about me accomplishing my goal.

There are lots of reasons why The Big-Brained Superheroes Club isn’t just one thing but many. This story, in which everybody involved gets the best end of the deal, illustrates one of those reasons.