Joy Division

Once again, we return to the urgency of joy in Big-Brained Superherodom.

First, some evidence

Joy and enthusiasm are absolutely essential for learning to happen – literally, scientifically, as a matter of fact and research.

Second, some more evidence:

The Double Helix, James Watson’s 1968 memoir about discovering the structure of DNA, describes the roller coaster of emotions he and Francis Crick experienced through the progress and setbacks of the work that eventually earned them the Nobel Prize. After the excitement of their first attempt to build a DNA model, Watson and Crick noticed some serious flaws. According to Watson, “Our first minutes with the models…were not joyous.” Later that evening, “a shape began to emerge which brought back our spirits.” But when they showed their “breakthrough” to colleagues, they found that their model would not work. Dark days of doubt and ebbing motivation followed. When the duo finally had their bona fide breakthrough, and their colleagues found no fault with it, Watson wrote, “My morale skyrocketed, for I suspected that we now had the answer to the riddle.”

Finally, some GIFS:

With joy:


Without joy:



Meredith Wengernerdy