Big-Brained Superheroes from Blucora

imageApparently, big-brained superheroes can be found pretty much anywhere as we discovered during United Way of King County’s most recent Day of Caring (which we turned into a day of hacking/making). This particular set of big-brained superheroes came from a company called Blucora, located in Bellevue, WA. And not only did a team of 10+ people travel all the way to BBS HQ at Yesler Community Center to spend the day with a few BBS Volunteers, but they brought a broad array of valuable skills and superpowers—not to mention materials—with them.

The mission: to build prototype electronics kits for our young Big-Brained Superheroes to tinker with.

The result: great stuff!image

What you see here are three prototype electronic/multidimensional greeting cards, two prototype phone chargers, one prototype dexterity tester, and one pure exercise of Creativity. Mission definitely accomplished!

Many thanks to Blucora and United Way of King County (not to mention BBS Volunteers: Launchpad, Mr. Measurement Man, and Engineer Zero) for an excellent day of caring/hacking/making!